Welcome to Gothic Angel BJD.

About the dolls: The dolls are all inspired by characters that I have written but could not find sculpts for by other artists. They are very close and personal to me and I have taken much more time than I probably should debating about who needs to be sculpted and who doesn’t. Most of the time, I don’t have a choice in the matter and the character of choice emerges from the sculpt whether I like it or not.

About the clothes: The clothes are from patterns that are carefully constructed in sizes to fit many different shapes and body types of BJD. The clothes are inspired by different outfits worn by the characters in my stories. Some are available for sale and a link will be available for the sales page if that is the case. All the listings are for pre-existing items, not made to order items. If there is an item within this gallery that interests you, please send me a message if there is no sales listing available. The models will be listed by character name, then sculpt and company will be credited as well as owner information if the are not mine. If you have any questions about the models, please feel free to ask.

Face-ups and modification: This is a gallery of face-up work and modification work that I have done. If the work is character based, a short description will follow with some basic information about them. The commission work will be listed with as much information as I’m able to post about them. If you are interested in my services, please inquire.

Stories: This is a collection of short stories to give a feel for the inspiration behind the sculpts, the models, and clothes that are all a part of this site. I am a gothic horror writer and poke at the human condition using characters that are not always what they seem. Most of the content is mature, with adult themes and situations, language, and sexual situations, so enter with that in mind. This content is not edited for a younger audience.

Thank you for visiting Gothic Angel BJD. I hope that you come back soon to see what’s new!

Creator and artist,

~Shawnti Therrien